How to change headlights on your Honda Civic (2024 – 2012 models)

how to change honda civic headlights

This guide provides a detailed, technical process for changing the headlight bulbs on various Honda Civic model years. Each step includes references to the specific sections in the owner’s manual, complete with links to the relevant pages. Follow the instructions tailored to your specific model year for optimal results. Table of contents: 2024 Honda Civic … Read more

How to change headlights on your Toyota 86

Maintaining your Toyota 86 involves regular checks and updates, including ensuring your headlights are functioning optimally. This guide provides a detailed, technical process for changing your headlight bulbs, suitable for those familiar with car maintenance with relevant links to sections in your owner’s manual. Tools and materials needed Procedure Step 1: Access the bulb housing … Read more

Are LED headlights legal in Australia?

Halogen 4x4 light

We’ve done a lot of research on LED headlights and their legality in Australia, looking into guidelines from CarExpert and CarsGuide. Here’s what we’ve found: While LED headlights are legal in Australia, they must comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADRs). These rules set guidelines regarding colour, intensity, electrical connections, and positioning to ensure road … Read more

Headlight Restoration Detailing Guide 2024

Headlight restoration guide

Restoring your headlights isn’t just about enhancing the appearance of your car; it’s crucial for your safety on the road. Over time, headlights can become cloudy and yellowed due to UV exposure, weather conditions, and road debris, significantly reducing your visibility during night driving. Headlights deteriorate mainly due to UV exposure, oxidation, and abrasion from … Read more

Best LED Driving Lights for 4×4 Cars: Your 2024 Essential Guide

Navigating through the dark, uncharted terrains or cruising on a highway after dusk demands more than just standard vehicle lights. This is where LED driving lights come into play, especially for 4×4 vehicles. As the leading online marketplace, offers an unrivaled selection of LED driving lights, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your … Read more